I will be in and out of the shop in January and February!  I will be assisting with some interesting classes at Old Washington Historic State Park, at the Arkansas Living History Assn. Conference and the Ladies' Academy at Powhatan Historic State Park
We are now into 1864, such shortages of food and dry goods at the southern homefront.  Areas falling under Federal control begin receiving some supplies.  Havoc is being reaked through Georgia, Virginia, the Carolinas, amongst other areas 
NEW pattern available,
Plain Soft Bonnet Pattern, GRSP-1016, lovely pattern and goes together easy!
NEW pattern available,
Canton Flannel Undershirt Pattern, GRSP-305, definitely not your everyday outerwear shirt!  and we have the Canton Flannel available in Fabrics
NEW pattern available,
Eastern Mule Ear Trouser Pattern, GRSP-335, this pattern was used by both sides and as a civilian trouser style.

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GRSP-214-Lapel Dress

GRSP-213-Pleated Bodice Dress

GRSP-334-Federal Grant Officer Trousers

GRSP-322-Confederate Officers Fockcoat

GRSP-325-Junior Federal Officer's Frockcoat

GRSP-326-Senior Federal Officer's Frockcoat

GRSP-1030-Confederate Kepi Pattern

GRSP-1031 Federal McDowell Cap
Working Women Chickamauga, GA, 
Tom Davison, Photographer