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Details of the "Oklahoma Mystery Jacket"

Suspected Trans-Mississippi Depot Jacket

Our special thanks to the Oklahoma State Museum, including Jean Winchester, Matt Reed, and Whit Edwards, for their assistance in allowing us to photograph the upclose details of the coat and to allow us the opportunity to take measurements of the coat that has been dubbed the "Oklahoma Mystery Jacket".  The origins of the shell jacket were lost many years ago.

For those of you who have reviewed Geoffrey Walden's photos, you will notice that the placement of the button has been moved since his photo that was taken in the early 1990's.  The button came off and was apparently re-attached at the top, more than likely to facilitate better display.  You can see the original location in photo #1.

The trim of the coat, even though viewing in normal light appeared to be a medium blue kersey, was a perfect match to Family Heirloom's Dark Blue Kersey on the interior collar portion that had not been exposed to the light.  The jean texture and weight fell between the regular jean and the finished jean, and was a fully natural wool color.  Pat Kline is currently working on reproducing the jean for us.

The Coat appears to be fully handsewn.

We are in the process of producing the pattern for this coat.  Please Check back on our Web Site

Photo #1-  showing the unusual double row of topstitching along the outer edge and an additional row to the inside of the button or right side of coat.  The double row goes completely around the edge of the coat.  Photo also shows that the jean was on a white warp. Cast Brass block "I"

Photo #2-Details of the concave back of the cast brass "I" Button.

Photo #3-view of the interior "interfacing" of the collar--closely matches Family Heirloom's osnaburg

Photo #4-We attempted to lighten the color enough for you to see the match of the color of the trim.  The trim was an exact match of Family Heirloom's Dark Blue Kersey

Photo #5-The outer view of collar-note the slope of the collar and the 1 row of topstitching- This photo also reflects the color of the coat best

Photo #6-details of the right bottom front -sharp corner, also reflects the extra row of topstitching ends here

Photo #7-interior view of the left front 6 handmade buttonholes, shaped front edge, sloping to the bottom of the coat

Photo #8-interior view of the right front showing interior slit pocket details

Photo #9-Back of Coat reflecting no "point" at center, one piece sleeve construction

Photo #10-closer view of back at collar.  The outer and inner collar are each two pieces and the lining is one piece-note how the back center piece at collar narrows.

Photo#11-interior of coat back and side back

Photo # 12-interior of coat at sleeve-note the narrowness of the back piece where it meets the sleeve and how wide the side back piece is at the sleeve.

Photo #13-exterior narrow welt pocket

Photo #14-exterior cuff attached to the jean sleeve-one row of topstitching at wrist.

Photo #15-Interior view of cuff.

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