Galla Rock Presents:
Views of An Original Richmond Depot Shell Jacket

At the request of the "Museum" housing this coat, we shall not disclose its location. All we can say is that the coat is not housed in Virginia, and did belong to a soldier that began the war in Alabama and later served with a Virginia Unit. The coat was donated by the soldier's family after his death.

The coat is of the type currently identified as a Richmond Depot Type II, of dark grey dense wool, with belt loops still present, and at issue did have the epaulettes, though they were later cut off. The lining is of a "trashy" thick cotton, of a tighter weave than the period osnaburg. The topstitching ranges from 3-6 stitches per inch and buttonholes were not tightly done.

Front View of Jacket

Back View of Jacket-note loops

Interior View-slit pocket on left breast

Cuff view-self faced

Upclose on Buttonholes

Upclose on Topstitching at buttonholes showing topstitching

Interior View

Collar View

The upcoming Galla Rock Pattern GRSP-312-Richmond Depot II will include these photos plus others

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