More Images of Original equipment/Clothing provided courtesy of


These images are of two original caps and an original leather canteen, housed in a museum archives in the Trans-Mississippi Area(the museum does not desire it to be known that it has these items as it is not a museum covering the Civil War Era and they are not on display)

We must apologize for the quality of the images.  As we entered this museum's archives, we knew from a reliable source that they had at least a few items in their archives.  We were only alotted a couple of hours, and as they began pulling items out of cabinets, drawers, shelves, we were clicking as fast as our fingers, and camera, would allow.

The hands belong to our own Donna

First photo is side detail view of wool jean kepi----
top view
Lining view
upclose interior showing the pressboard in the band---lining was black cotton.  Kepi appeared to be fully handsewn

What a dream, this one was in pristine condition
detail view of top piping
interior view-note the interior top lining----treated
detail of top lining and tag

This what you get when you ask "do you have any original canteens?"

front side view

detail view
back view

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